The monument “ode to the resistance”

On September 26, 2021, the monument “ode to the resistance” was inaugurated, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the National Confederation of Political Prisoners and Rightholders of Belgium. They wanted to leave a tangible memory for generations to come so that the sacrifice of the political prisoners who suffered in the fortress of Breendonk would never be forgotten.

Renowned artist Tom Frantzen took up the challenge. It became a work of art with a huge boot in Corten steel, which oppressed the population. Under the boot are the shot man and other murdered resistance fighter, including a mother with a double bottom pram with a shot child and dog. Two children flee in panic… Central, a resistance fighter who resists; he tries to push the boot back. His buddy also tries with all his might to counterbalance it with his back. A fallen man shoots distraught at the boot… The last figure is a man who manages to escape; he releases a dove, symbol of peace and freedom.

The image is a universal ode to defiance and resistance, against all forms of abuse of power, monopoly or dictatorship, injustice and intolerance. It is also a sign of hope, as the War Heritage Institute is more ready than ever to convey the message of citizenship, tolerance and respect to the younger generation. 

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